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08/06/17 Captain's log:

This was an exciting video to make! Lovingly drawn in charcoal by Monique, 'Ash' is the story of a man who dedicates his life to the noble pursuit of burning logs and collecting the resulting ash. I wrote this piece whilst bored out of my mind at my old work, a job which I have now stopped doing (hooray).

Really love what Monique brought to this project drawing-wise and I finally got to use my soothing vocal tones for the narration.

The Game of Life

08/06/17 Captain's log.

Life is inherently ridiculous and so is this video. The Game of Life is inspired by 8-bit games, with catchy music and extremely limited options.


07/05/17 Captain's log.

For our first project I wrote a lyrical piece about the ever-present threat of doom. It's everywhere and it will get you... and that's exactly the sort of message we need to be thinking about at all times. Enjoy... if that is an option.