Forged in the fires of the year 2016, the Makers Initiative is the brain-child of illustrator, artist extraordinaire and design-wizard: Monique Johnson and wordsmith, loud-hailer enthusiast and self-described ideas man: Owen Watts.

When they are not hard at work creating overblown words to describe themselves, they are also a creative force (what does that mean?) of the highest order.

From her early work with the crayon, to her formative years of pencil-based drawing, followed by her gradual development of brush skills, Monique has traversed numerous artistic styles and is continually experimenting in her quest for (art) world domination.


Owen preferred the company of a dusty, old, typewriter; he would spend many an hour with it - honing the craft of storytelling. After many failures (of the typewriter) he decided a computer would be more practical and he never looked back. He loves language, doing weird voices and occasionally practices the dark art of video editing.

The Makers Initiative is a one stop shop for animated video content. We'll write the script, draw the pictures, animate them, provide voices, select music, design graphics, mix the audio...

In short, we will make you a fantastic video!

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